Closet Confidential: How to Organize Your Wardrobe

 Maintaining a cohesive closet seems to be a perennial problem. Stuffing your closet with new clothes without getting ridding of the old will eventually cause an attire avalanche. With incoming seasons and outgoing styles, taking stock of what you have can become overwhelming. Some pieces get thrown to the back while others stay on heavy rotation.  Unlike traditional closet binge tips – you don’t need to get rid of things you rarely use or wear, but instead rid of things that don’t make you happy.  There are some pieces you have that bring you joy – whether it connote certain nostalgia, be a valuable gift or fit you really well etc. Your pieces need to do something positive for you. Don’t keep pieces that just take up extra space. Could you do without those neon yellow strappy sandals from 2008? Do they make you happy or would you not notice if they went missing?

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Step 1: Divide and Conquer

Separate what you have into keep, maybe keep and donate piles. When decided what to keep and what to rid, look for repeats of similar pieces. If you have multiple white t-shirts, keep the ones that fit you best or you wear more than others. If you haven’t worn something in over a year (daily things like a pair of jeans or knit sweater) ask yourself why. If it fits weird, is uncomfortable or doesn’t fit your style, toss it.

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Step 2: Create a game plan

With an empty closet and streamlined wardrobe, figure out an organizational system that works best for you. Try hanging your clothes in categories like by color or type. Fold your jeans with the in season ones on top. Keep your shoes in order from sneakers to heels. Having a simple layout decreases that mental chaos you get when picking what to wear.

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Step 3: Make it pretty

Have a designated clothing rack for what’s currently in most use. Hang your bags and place your shoes on display. Add books and relics between your clothes to create a lived-in sense of luxury. Pick your best pieces to create your ideal rack and add coffee table books, candles, jewelry etc. to amp it up.

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