The Skinny On Fashion’s Newest Staple

Not a dress, not a pantsuit, but something quite literally in between, the jumpsuit is the lazy fashionista’s new best friend. You’ve seen these for seasons on fashion’s fiercest ladies (the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce), but they’re now dominating the racks as well. If you’re unsure of the equal parts “onesie” and “borrowed from the boys” piece, check out a few of our fun facts and styling tips below to chase away any inhibitions.

1) There’s a jumpsuit for every occasion. As casual as head-to-toe chambray, to as formal as tuxedo, this closet staple has a variation for every time and place

2) The waistline is your best friend. For a short torso, opting for a long-waisted jumpsuit will elongate you where you may need it. Alternately, belted or cinched options create curves in the right places.

3) The jumpsuit instantly elevates you more than a couple of cool points. You’ll look equally polished as you will effortless, which is the ideal balance to strike.