The Makeup That Brides Are Flocking To

For your big day, equally important as everything going smoothly is looking the part. What we notice brides struggle with the most is finding the line between glamorous wedding makeup and overly dolled-up. After all, the last thing you’d want is to look unrecognizable before saying “I do”.

So how do you ensure your best features are accentuated (especially for pictures!) without resembling a Bratz Doll version of yourself? Our experts say it’s all about finding the best colors and blending them into your skin’s natural texture with prowess.

For eyes, steer clear of blues, purples, or anything else too bright. Most prestige brands have a “natural” or “naked” palette that flies off the shelves this time of year. For lips, your best friend will be a “your lips but better” pout. Think equal parts pink and brown, and go a shade darker than what Mother Nature gave you.

Still need some guidance? Pinterest is an excellent resource, and you can share an inspiration board with your makeup artist so you’re on the same page.