The Hairstyle That’s Ruling Hollywood

Gone are the days of tousled waves and perfect blowouts. This season, our favorite faces in beauty are opting for something a bit slicker: quite literally.

The slicked back look we’ve seen on runways, front rows, and red carpets alike is enough to make us do a double take. Talk about inspiration to skip a day between shampoos!

This style, which is giving the lob a run for its money, looks like a sleek ponytail, only with the mid and bottom sections left down. Stars like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and most of the Kardashian clan have given this look a go, each with a slightly different adaptation.

The pros? It’s perhaps the easiest way to let your makeup do the talking, and with a dollop of product works on basically every hair type. The con? It can draw attention to a round face or unpronounced chin.

It may be on the riskier edge of your beauty vernacular, but we think this style is worth taking for a test drive.