Tangle-Free Travel Hacks For Jewelry

We’ve all been there: we’re finally packing for our much anticipated vacation and have every outfit planned to perfection, with jewelry to boot. Upon arrival, we go to unpack and find our beloved gems in a tangled bird’s nest, completely destroying our outfit game for the rest of the trip.

Don’t get caught in this scenario again! Did you know that common household items can actually safely transport your favorite jewels, tangle-free? Keep reading, and be prepared to have your mind blown!

jewelry box

Pill Box:
Not just for your grandparents, these provide a great way to separate your rings and small studs.

contact case jewelry box

Contact Case:
Don’t let your statement earrings get lost in the bottom of your toiletries bag. Pop them into a contact lenses case and screw the lids tightly to keep them safe and secure.

straw jewelry
You heard us! Thread your dainty chains through the straw, pull through and secure the clasp. Au revoir knots!

index card jewelry holder
Index Cards:
Gone are the days of searching for the match to your dangly earrings. Poke your earring through an index card and secure with a back. These bad boys won’t go anywhere during flight!