Social Media Is Everywhere – Including Our Clothes?

Truth: social media has become a major part of daily life, and is only gaining more momentum. As soon as one platform seems to have conquered it all, another one pops up and has a way of making us question how we ever lived without it. With this in mind, we suppose it was only a matter of time before social media and mainstream fashion merged.

Cue: emoji and hashtag apparel. Recently, our favourite celebs have been hitting instagram, the web, and even the red carpet donning lighthearted pieces that nod to social media. Victoria Justice, whose outfit game is always on point, carried a #hashtag embossed clutch to the 2014 VMA’s. Shortly after, lady crush extraordinaire Gwen Stefani donned a head-to-toe emoji printed ensemble at a party for The Voice. After these two tastemakers set the precedent, social-inspired ensembles have run rampant on the web.

The verdict? Pick your venue wisely. There’s nothing wrong with tongue-in-cheek choices at the right time and place, but we’d probably steer clear of the Met Gala… at least for now.

victoria justice hashtag clutch

gwen stefanis emoji dress