Platinum Power

We’ve always been told that the most flattering hair color is one that’s just a few shades away from what Mother Nature intended. If you’re a brunette, you should stay within the general scope of rich browns, while blondes are best suited by dimension enhancing highlights. Or so we thought.

But leave it to Kim Kardashian to take what we know and flip it upside down. The naturally dark haired (and newly lobbed) beauty debuted platinum blonde, single tone strands in Paris last month, and made international headlines in doing so.

Coincidentally, another star to hop aboard the not-so-natural blonde train was Academy Award winner and male style icon Jared Leto, who was almost unrecognizable as he stepped out with platinum locks the same day as Kim.

Do you think platinum will take over, or are these two style icons trying out a trend that won’t stick? Let us know, because we’ve got our bleach on standby.

jared leto platinum blonde

kim kardashian platinum blonde