How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

Building a wardrobe for the upcoming season can be intimidating if you’re looking to buy cohesive items that will fit seamlessly into your personal style. Fun statement pieces are always an exciting way to upgrade your closet, but the struggle of quality vs. quantity comes into play. Sure, that crazy patterned poncho may be fun for this season, but is it worth dropping $300 only for you to not feel the same next year? Probably not. This is where the capsule wardrobe comes into play. The basic principle of the capsule wardrobe is to buy basic staples of high quality that are super versatile. The experts say 37-40 pieces will do. The price tag upfront may seem hefty but in the end it will be cheaper than those countless fads that you never touched after a few wears.

The idea is to slowly build your wardrobe over time; and do your research! It will feel super rewarding once you have your favorite trench, some amazing jeans and the perfect lived-in tee. The key to keeping things fresh is layering different pieces to make completely new outfits. Below are some outfit ideas featuring some capsule wardrobe worthy items.

capsule wardrobe

capsule wardrobe 2

capsule wardrobe 3

capsule wardrob 4

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