Freckled Faces

Beauty marks, angel’s kisses, whatever you want to call them: freckles have found their way to the forefront of the beauty industry. But if you’re not naturally blessed with these adorable, nose-framing specks, this look is likely lost on you. Right?

Wrong. Just as there are ways to cheat full eyebrows, plush lashes, and pronounced cheekbones, the experts in the beauty biz have worked long and hard on ways to fake freckles.

Our favorite technique is with a light brown, felt tip eyeliner. To achieve the most believable look, lightly speckle your nose and cheeks, moving outwards to mimic naturally sun-kissed features. Pressing the color into the skin with your fingertip will result in the most true-to-life texture. If you run into a smudge, make sure to use makeup remover on the area immediately as any streaking will blow your cover.

Bonus points: applying faux freckles will give off the illusion that you’re not wearing a stitch of foundation. We’re in!