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Celebrate August in Peridot

Whether or not you’re superstitious, we can all agree that a stunning gem possessing higher powers is something we can wish for. And if you’re someone who loves earthy hues, but perhaps punched up a notch, the August birthstone Peridot is right up your alley.

Peridot isn’t merely a stunning gem, it also is linked to a number of spiritual powers. The vibrant stone is said to bring the wearer influence, and is suspected to protect against nightmares and promote healing.

August birthdays – this month is your lucky one. As you celebrate with family and friends in the last of the warm weather, don’t forget to ask for the Peridot Keepsake from Bcouture from your wish list. This timeless, stackable number pairs perfectly with the rest of your collection, and if it happens to bring with it some healing powers – well…we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.

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