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BCouture Tackles Father’s Day In Style

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and Dad deserves the world. Our motto? Whatever he wants is his – whether it’s breakfast in bed, a family golf outing or tickets to his favorite game.

We’ll let you stew on potential gifts, but in the mean time, we’ve got an extra sentimental idea that Dad won’t see coming.

BCouture’s Keepsakes collection is the ultimate in birthstone jewellery. Customizable, stackable and symbolic, our hexagonal pendants can be strung together in a colourful and individualized array that feels personal to the wearer, and doesn’t skimp on style points.

So this Father’s Day, nab your dad, grandfather or husband’s birthstone to add to your collection. You’ll keep a piece of him with you at all times, and the special meanings tied to his symbolic gemstones will become yours. Wear it close to your heart, because in our opinion, that’s where all dads belong.

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