All You Need To Land The Job

There is something about spring that feels like a new chapter. As we say goodbye to the icy weather, perhaps we welcome a career change.

So if you’re interviewing in the hopes of landing a new gig this season, we know you’ve got a number of items to cross off your checklist. Few moments in life are more nerve-racking than prepping for a big interview so don’t let your outfit add to your list of worries.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of your ensemble planning with a few tips and tricks from our experts. Read on, and when you’re done you can work on that resumé.

• Individuality is important: We can all agree that the pinstripe pantsuit is one cliché that should disappear. Dressing a bit outside of the box can help portray an innovative way of thinking.
• Don’t over-accessorize: We love a good bohemian layered look as much as an arm party, but an interview is one place that should remain clutter free.
• Do: Try out a matching set. We’ve seen skirt and pantsuits in unique prints and shapes aplenty, and we love that his look is equal parts streamlined, professional, and fun.
• Be mindful of atmosphere: Dress code at a law firm will be different than a tech startup, so do a bit of research on company culture prior.