You’re Making Us Blush

As the leaves start changing, so do our wardrobe choices, which means bidding adieu to the sandals and flowy maxis we’ve lived in all summer. Our colour palettes tend to shift from airy pastels to rich, earthy hues as we welcome the colder weather. But what if you’re not ready to say goodbye to blush?

Blushes and similar, rosy hues have dominated both the runways and the outfits of style stars all year long. We can’t get enough of the uber feminine shades, and adore it both in pops, and head to toe monochrome.

So if you’ve got separation anxiety thinking about tucking away your dreamy pinks, instead opt to integrate them into your fall attire. Picture crisp blush blouses layered under camel trenches. Imagine your tailored sleeveless blazers taking a turn towards rosy. Why not even opt for creamy pastel suedes and leathers to keep you warm?

When you look at fashion through rose-coloured lenses, the possibilities are endless.