Why Your Shoulders Are Your Best Summer Accessories

Okay, maybe we’re not in daisy duke and bikini weather quite yet, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do a bit of trend forecasting as we prepare for the warmer months ahead. So what is the item we already can’t live without? The off the shoulder peasant tops we’re seeing on all of Hollywood’s coolest ladies, of course.

We must admit there is something super effortless about the intersection of bohemian, festival-inspired style and the off-the-shoulder silhouette. It’s sexy enough to take from day-to-night (hello, collarbones!) but with more than a touch of laid-back whimsy to keep it looking cool and fuss-free. Styles vary from billowy and oversized, to micro crop-tops, which makes styling your bottom half extra fun.

Keep scrolling to peep a few of our favourite takes on this piece. We’ll be stocking our closets, and… well… stepping up our pushup game STAT.

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