This Falls Colorful Beauty Trend

Looking to add some color to your life?  Then your beauty routine should be the first place to look. With the recent “no makeup look” trend, it’s starting to feel like it’s time to brighten things up. Specifically, we’re looking at colored eyeliner. This trendy look has been seen on the runway and fashion bloggers alike. Colored eyeliner is bolder than your typical cat eye but tamer than a full on colored eyelid.

If you’re having problems picking out the best shade for your eyes, there’s a basic rule of thumb that works for all eye makeup: opposites attract. Brown eyes work great with warm saturated colors such as purples, blues and golds. Blue eyed girls should stick to more subdued hues such as bronze and gold enhanced colors. Green looks great with purple and some blue shades. Try this look out on either your lower lash line or on top paired with your basic cat eye. Below is some inspiration to give you the courage to nail this colorful look.

goldblack teal2 purple navygirlnavy