The Spring-To-Summer Transitional Shoes To Nab Now

We love to have our pulse on the latest footwear styles, but with prices steeper than other wardrobe essentials, it’s imperative not to become a slave to constantly changing trends.

But it seems one style is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. You’ve seen them gracing the feet of Coachella’s stylish set, and it turns out lace-up gladiator sandals aren’t going anywhere this summer. In fact, we’ve seen uber cool variations pop up on store shelves and magazine spreads alike: with so many colours, prints, heights, heels and more to choose from, these puppies have quickly become a spring to summer staple.

Though lace-up glads aren’t for the fashionably prude, they’re surprisingly easy to style. A fun, colourful pair turns denim cutoffs and a tee into a well-balanced ensemble just as easily as a metallic set dresses down your summer LBD.

So step into a pair and report back: your closet can thank us later.