Purr-fect Eyeliner, Every Time!

We know you’re no stranger to the cat eye. This makeup trend has been seen in full force for seasons now, from runways to magazine covers, and on every real life beauty guru in between.

But for those of you who are still shy to hop on this full-fledged makeup movement, we’ve got some tips and tricks to take away the intimidation factor.

If you’re worried about keeping your hand steady for zigzag-free results, we recommend using a felt tip liner which tends to apply easier than its liquid counterpart. While a great winged liner looks like it was done in one fell swoop, experts actually suggest dividing up the eye. First, make sure the flick is symmetrical on both sides, then go in and arch the middle, all the way to the tear ducts. Small strokes are fine when using a good product!

While a heavy cat eye looks dramatic, thinly applied liner can actually be quite subtle. When applied with a tiny brush or ultra thin pen, it can mimic the effect of plush lashes, a la Elizabeth Olson.

elizabeth olsen thin cateye

But if you don’t shy from full impact, let Taylor Swift, Alexa Chung, Fei Fei Sun and Angelina Jolie be your spirit animals!

Taylor Swift Cateye

alexa chung cateye liner

angelina jolie cateye