Just Kidding Around

Sure, every fashion lover has a laundry list of style icons. But if you’re bored of oogling Kate Moss or need a break from nabbing Nicole Richie inspired pieces, you’re in luck! Today we’re shifting gears and shedding some light on the younger fashionistas…and we mean much, much younger.

That’s right! Some of the outfits sported by our favourite celebrity and real-world kids are enough to send us into cuteness overload. Alexander Wang’s niece Aila, and Victoria and David Beckham’s daughter, Harper each have blogs dedicated to their fun-sized fashion, and the designer names they’re donning are nothing to joke about. There’s even an instagram account @FashionKids delivering your daily dose of mega style in tiny sizes.

Scroll on to see some fashion-packed snaps on the most adorable of models. You may be making a trip to the kids’ section when you’re done.

aila wang

fashion kids

gaving fashion kid

genesis fashion kid

nori black jacket