Is Athleisure Taking Over?

It’s no secret that workout trends are on the up and up, but we’ve got our pulse on the corresponding clothes that go with them. Athletic, leisure attire (commonly known as athleisure) has become a popular category in contemporary fashion. The genre can be defined as presentable workout wear, the goal being to help you feel confident during pilates or crossfit, and also ensure you aren’t ashamed to run a few errands in your getup after.

Exercise-obsessed celebs have been some of the first to sport this hybrid attire, cueing the craze towards Lululemon and other active wear lines with hefty price tags attached. The megatrend inspired style star Shay Mitchell to design a line herself, and is infiltrating the street style world with sporty infusion.

That’s right, the athleisure trend is slowly but surely making it acceptable to wear yoga pants outside of the studio. That’s one idea we can get behind.