How To Up Your Eyelash Game – STAT

Long, gorgeous, lashes: we all want them, but only few are blessed with them sans makeup. But if Mother Nature didn’t gift you with the natural lashes of say…Twiggy, there may be hope for you in easier ways than you’d imagine.

We’ve rounded up 6 must-know items about lashes, to ensure your peepers will be turning heads all year round.

1) Primer – Not just for your foundation, eyelash primer adds an extra layer on to your lashes before you coat them
2) Drugstore Mascara – You don’t need to splurge at Sephora to get movie star results: there are plenty of cost friendly alternatives
3) Individual False Lashes – Easier to apply than the full sets, individual lashes provide a plush, yet natural look
4) Tinting – Blonde hair? No problem! Professionally tinting your lashes lets you skip the extra step in your morning routine
5) Latisse – And other prescription solutions help your natural lashes grow, grow, grow!
6) Extensions – No longer just for tresses! Make sure to check Yelp for the salons with best reviews.