Get Pampered At…Chanel?

We thought eponymous luxury brand Chanel had conquered it all. The French design label is synonymous with grandeur, and is a household name even to those who don’t call fashion a religion. From runway to ready-to-wear, the world’s most coveted handbags to beauty gurus’ favourite makeup, there isn’t much more that Karl Lagerfeld could do. Right?

Wrong! Spa Chanel Au Ritz Paris will soon open in the iconic French hotel. The building is currently undergoing a number of renovations, and the new addition will be included in its unveiling later this year.

The brand has not yet announced plans to open multiple locations, but we have a hunch that the decadency of a Spa de Chanel could garner some serious celebrity clientele in Los Angeles or New York. In the mean time, it looks like we’ll have to take a French holiday to get our paws on this level of relaxation. Ooh la la!