5 Summer Destinations To Visit Now

Summer is in full swing, and if there’s one thing we associate this sun-filled season with, it’s vacation.

So leave your work at your desk, and leave your worries at home: we’ve rounded up our top 5 vacation spots for this heavenly season. Weather you’re a city dweller or a beach bum, there’s someplace on this list that will tickle your fancy. We guarantee it.

1) New York City: For the metropolitan vacationer, a trip to the Big Apple is for you. There are endless summertime activities for tourists and locals alike, and given the city’s temperamental weather, now is the best time to go.
2) Thailand: From tropical islands to lush jungles to unparalleled, iconic cuisine, a visit to Thailand will cover all of your vacation’s bases. Bonus points for easy intercity travel and friendly locals.
3) Bali: It’s hard to argue with a visit to Bali any time of the year, but summer is as good of a time as any to visit this Indonesian paradise. Weather you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, or a wild nightlife you can find it here.
4) Santa Barbara: One of the most romantic cities on the California coast, Santa Barbarans enjoy beautiful views, secluded beaches, high-end restaurants and a picturesque downtown.
5) Cinque Terre: The five villages of Cinque Terre are some of the most historic and beautifully preserved in the world. You’ll find the city rich with Italian culture, yet you’ll notice it lacks the hustle and bustle of larger destinations (really, cars are banned!)